The Kite Runner Analysis

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Would you want to be treated other loved ones treat you even though it can cause you pain? In the realistic fiction novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, two characters named Amir and Hassan have a bad relationship due to past actions Amir has done. Amir and Hassan have different thoughts about loyalty or saving one another which affects their relationship.When Hassan and Amir were participating in the local kite tournament, Hassan was retrieving the kite he when ran into Assef. Assef started to rape Hassan, Amir could have stopped Assef from hurting Hassan by “[stepping] into that alley [and] standing up for Hassan” (77) but “in the end, [Amir ran]”(77).This shows Amir is not willing to stick up for Hassan even though he is in extreme danger even though Hassan has helped him before. This also shows how Amir mainly cares about himself and if Hassan or someone he loves were to be in danger he would have a hard time helping them and later affecting their relationship. When Amir and Hassan go up a hill by their house they were met by Assef and his two friends who wanted to hurt them.When Amir was about to get beaten up Assef, Hassan immediately stands up to save Amir by “pointing a slingshot directly at Assef’s face”(42) while saying to Assef, “ leave us alone agha”(42) which caused Assef to leave. This shows how Hassan stands up for Amir even though it might cause Hassan to be hurt. This also demonstrates how Hassan is more brave than Amir or more giving than Amir as he

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