The Kite Runner Character Analysis

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Numerous people are often recognized as who they used to be instead of who they are today. In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Amir is challenged to either to do the right thing or just run. He ended up running away from the problem, only to cause more problems in the long run. He was not able to have children and he almost got beaten to death by Assef. But Amir was trying to turn his life around and adopt Sohrab, Hassan's son because Hassan and his wife Fazara were killed by the Taliban. He had to make difficult journeys just to be able to bring Sohrab back to America but did because he wanted to give back. Because of this Amir is characterized as a morally ambiguous character. Amir shows that he is morally ambiguous during his youth because he is portrayed as a horrible person. Hosseini makes Amir seem like a bad guy in the beginning to show how immature or not knowing you are as a child. When Amir sees Hassan getting raped he stands there shocked not knowing whether to help Hassan who has always been there for him or to run away and act as if he never saw what Assef was doing to him. This makes Amir seem like a horrible person because Hassan has always been there for him no matter what and he would help Amir with anything because he considered him his best friend. Amir never said that Hassan was his best friend but he was the only one that was actually there for him through everything. Sitting there “I had one last chance to make a decision. One final

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