The Kite Runner Reflection Essay

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They surround him. Filling the sky with color, acting like a moving tapestry as the frames move through the sky. Some are as blue as the most perfect, cloudless day, while others are a green as vibrant as the leaves in spring. Who knew kites could be so beautiful? The children run, happy and joyous as they fight their kites and go to retrieve the ones they have conquered. As the man runs after the kite he had just felled, he too finally feels joy without guilt or remorse. Fetching the kite for the young man in his care, he feels alive again. The man has now started a new chapter in his life and can run wholeheartedly to face it. The only question remains, why did the man feel so much remorse before this moment? Khaled Hosseini answers that question in his novel, The Kite Runner by telling this man’s story.
Amir was an extremely privileged boy during his childhood in Afghanistan. As such, Amir did not really have a frame of reference for the feelings of others, mostly his childhood friend Hassan, and was more concerned with reading. After a kite-fighting tournament in the winter of 1975, Amir witnessed the rape of Hassan at the hands of some other boys their age. Rather than take action to help Hassan in the moment or act as a supportive friend to Hassan after this event, Amir instead did everything in his power to get rid of Hassan and his family. All Amir wanted was to remove the object of his guilty conscious from his immediate surroundings. These actions led to Amir’s

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