The Knoxville Unitarian Universalists Church Shooting

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The Knoxville Unitarian Universalists Church Shooting

In the recent past terrorism has been the greatest challenge to many countries in the world. To be precise religious terrorism has taken its route. Such heinous acts are spearheaded through violent motives. This motive renders the whole nation into a somber mood. It is as a result of tragedies caused by heinous acts of terror. For instance, the USA was subjected to such a mourning scenario. It was that moment when the shooting in Unitarian Universalists Church was under way. It was flabbergasting because American citizens least expected it at that time. Such heinous acts experienced by the United States left families deprived and children orphaned. It was a big blow to the nation’s security.

Furthermore, it caused a decrease in the country’s gross domestic product hence affecting its economic capabilities. The number of tourists visiting America declined because America was considered unsafe (Berger 782). Therefore, it led to a reduction in foreign tourist dollars. The incident portrayed a negative reputation towards America’s state of security. It all began when a gunman in Knoxville marched into the Knoxville Unitarian church where there were children acting in a play. Then he started shooting people at random. Two people were killed, but several others survived with both major and minor injuries. Luckily enough, the perpetrator that committed this awful act was caught. He claimed responsibility when he was taken to

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