The Labor Aspect of Human Trafficking Essay

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Last semester in my Women Public Health class was revelation for me as a woman, learning about the struggles that other women suffer around the world. The one subject that caught my attention was the missing girls in China and India. Millions of fetus or baby girls in these countries go missing yearly by different methods. The subject of the missing girl's lead me to human trafficking (sex trafficking) into and within China's own boarders, due to the shortage of women. Although there aren't any available history journals for human trafficking and the subject of human trafficking interests me. Human trafficking has different components such as force labor, sex trafficking, and child trafficking, I will be looking at the labor history. The…show more content…
The article the Old Labor History and the New: in search of an American working class by David Brody discusses the recent change that the labor history had, which up until recently the study of labor wasn't accepted. Brody points out the influx of people of the working class and immigrant's background after the World War II it started to be accepted. He also points out that the old labor was institution and the new labor is looking at the people. During the late 1970s, both the LH and ILWC journals were looking at the past labor history and their current one, for example, German workers of Chicago during 1850-1910, British Syndicalism 1900-1914, and many others. Brody clears why the journals are looking at the past labor from the 19th & 18th centuries. Smith points out that more and more people were starting to take interested in labor history and the symposium showed that to their community. Although, during the late 1970s decade there wasn't much talk about human trafficking or even slavery. Slavery or what we call today human trafficking during this period, there wasn't, much discourse about it. Slavery has been present since the beginning of time in our world history, although some parts of it hasn't been silenced, but there may be some other parts that are, but it seem during the 70s there wasn't much attention for it, they focus on class struggle,
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