The Lack Of Education And Global Inequalities In Kenya

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Global inequalities are the things that society identifies as not equal and unfair. There are many inequalities in Kenya including income, life expectancy, education, water, gender and poverty inequalities. Although these are negative problems, opportunities in Kenya have shown improvement as people are starting to make a difference by sending more people to school and giving children education they need and also food and water for people to survive. Amnesty International and Unicef are all apart of the world trying to make a difference. Amnesty International is the world’s largest and most-respected human rights organisation. Amnesty campaigns against abuse of human rights around the world. The other NGO that I have chose is UNICEF who promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in the world.

The lack of opportunities is a struggle in Kenya for women and children as they are a very poor country and can’t afford food and education for their community. The people that are affected by this are women and children who are treated differently. Some of the many inequalities for women are that they are paid less than men, this is due to gender inequality and discrimination against women. It has scientifically shown that women are earning what men were paid in 2006 and will take another 118 years for women to be equally paid the same as men. Another inequality for women in Kenya is that they are less educated than men, this is evident as they have less access to education,

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