The Language Of The Aztec People Essay

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When someone hears the phrase ancient Empires a few civilizations come to mind such as the Mesopotamian Empire, the Roman Empire and the Aztec Empire but has anyone took into consideration what happened to their language years after they fell? One would assume that these civilizations languages have become dead languages, languages no longer in use. However, this paper will explore whether or not the Náhuatl language, the language of the Aztec people, is considered dead language. Into my research there are a small collective of people who still speak the language. There is a possibility of spreading the language through the education system to try to keep this language from disappearing completely, however do we have the right? Take a moment to imagine aliens have invaded the planet earth and the human race has lost the war. Now that the aliens have taken control of the planet we, the human race, must begin the process of assimilating into their culture. In this process we must give up our languages, cultures and beliefs to please our alien overlords. Anything that is alien has become a symbol of wealth and power. Anything human is considered inferior. As a result the majority of our records have been destroyed, Earth, many of the world’s languages are now considered extinct. Intergalactic researchers have to dig through old archives, interview the remaining human species in an effort to decode the dead languages. However, the remaining few humans believe that their language

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