Research Paper On Aztec Culture

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American Indians is a native American inhabitants of North America. Paleo-Indians are the person who originally entered America and settled and they mainly lived in Mexico and South America. The three important things we need to know about American Indians prior to European invasion are the culture of Maya, Aztec, and the Anasazi. Maya culture is one of the oldest and most intelligent tribal races. The flourishing period of Maya was between 300 and 900. The principal food in Maya was maize, which was also called “the maize culture”. They had no livestock such as sheep and horses. Also, they made the calendar and divided a year to 18 months. In addition, they built huge stone temples and held bloodletting ceremonies in order to sacrifice…show more content…
Aztec is civilization created by the ancient Indian, which was mainly distributed in central and southern Mexico. Aztecs were a tribe with a lower level of development at first, but they absorb and fuse with other outstanding cultural traditions of Indian in the region that they rose rapidly. Aztec had developed agriculture and the main crops were corn, beans, squash, potatoes. Religion played an important role in the life of the Aztecs. The inhabitants believed in the immortality of the soul and Supreme domination. They adored the natural god that one of the peculiar was to use the living person for sacrifice. Last but not least, the Anasazi is also important to the history of American Indians before the European invasion. By 750, the Anasazi built the house that it was raised earth before and it this included the famous "rock Palace”, which was Important places of worship. The Anasazi settled in the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the sixth Century. However, they suddenly abandoned their homes and moved to other areas and never returned. We need to know these three cultures because they are the important civilizations to the native American Indians. The European invasion destroyed these civilizations that are significant to the human
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