The Latent Functions of Education

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Manifest and latent functions of education Education can be defined as a learning process in which a student and a teacher are involved. The work of the teacher is to pass on the message to the student while the student understands and applies what has been taught. It is also considered as a process of developing skills, knowledge and character of an individual. Education, whether formal or informal, has a function both to the individual and the society, these functions are either manifest or latent. There is a distinction between the manifest and latent functions in that the manifest functions are those that are intended whereas the latter are the unintended functions (Douglas, 2003). When considering the manifest functions of education the most obvious one is the increasing of knowledge and abilities of individuals thus making them ready to offer their services to the workforce. Educational institutions have the responsibility of identifying individuals with the highest qualifications to fill positions that are considered to be advanced in the society. This is done by channeling students into programs that suit their abilities and academic achievements; this is commonly referred to as tracking ( The other manifest function of education is socialization; throughout the education process students are taught their roles, particular academic subjects, and political socialization. Education is also intended to aid in the transmission of culture. The
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