The Law Of England And Wales

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This is the last will and testament of me Richard Robert Green of The Barn, Tythe Avenue, Weyford, GU56 3NB.

1. Revocation
1.1 I revoke all former wills and codicils made by me.
2. Domicile and Scope of Will
2.1 I declare as follows:
2.1.1 that I am domiciled in England and Wales; and
2.1.2 that this will and any codicil to it shall extend to property of mine which is situated at my death in any part of the world.
2.2 I choose the law of England and Wales to govern succession to my assets, rights and obligations as a whole, including any not disposed of by this will. I am a United Kingdom national who is most closely connected with the jurisdiction of England and Wales.
3. Appointment of Executors and Trustees
3.1 I appoint Jonathan Grey and David Fox, both of 14 High Street, Weyford, Surrey, GU56 2LM, partners in the firm of Westones (or the firm which at that date has succeeded to and carries on its practice) (“my Trustees”) to be executors and trustees of this will.
3.2 If they, or either of them, shall be unable or unwilling to act, in substitution I appoint the partners at the date of my death in the firm of Westones of 14 High Street, Weyford, Surrey, GU56 2LM or the firm which at that date has succeeded to and carried on its practice to be the executors of this will; and
3.3 In this clause: 3.3.1 "firm" includes an incorporated practice recognised by the Law Society; 3.3.2 "partners" includes solicitors who are directors or members of, or beneficial owners…
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