The League Of The Football League

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Lingerie Football When bringing up the topic of Football, people think of muscular men above six foot, physically competing with each other on a playing field. Offensive and defensive players that are in the pros are on average 6-feet 5 inches and weigh around 300 pounds. While skill players such as receivers, running backs, and defensive backs are usually around 6 foot, and weigh 200 pounds. Men in pro leagues are very big and described as mean guys, warriors, and often referred to as “ready for war”. The more popular Football Leagues such as National Football League, Canadian Football League, and Arena Football League recieved the most views of all leagues. The biggest professional football league in America is the National Football…show more content…
It is rare to hear a woman 's name on a college or Professional football teams roster. Growing up it was rare to see women put on shoulder pads and a helmet, and run around acting like maniacs tackling one another. That act in America would not be very lady-like. In a world we live in, Women playing Football is not respected enough. Unless it’s women aggressively hitting each other while wearing tight booty shorts and a bra with shoulder pads on and a helmet. This happens in a women 's football league called Legends Football League, referred to as Lingerie Football League. The Lingerie Football League is a women 's 7-on-7 tackle American football league that Started in Australia then came to America. The league was founded in 2009 as the Lingerie Football League and was renamed as the Legends Football League in 2013. The league 's founder and chairman is Mitchell S. Mortaza. I feel that Women who play Lingerie Football should be recognized by their talent to play the sport rather than their half nakedness. A lot of men do not think women are tough enough to play Football. These women that do play football in Professional leagues should be taken more serious not only by their peers, but by the Lingerie Football League 's founder and Chairman Mitchell S. Mortaza. Women that play Lingerie Football play just as hard as men in professional
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