The Lease For A Commercial Lease

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When you as the property manager look at a commercial lease for the first time, it is wise to use some form of checklist for the process. That will prevent you making mistakes and or overlooking the essential elements of occupancy that impact the property for the landlord and the tenant.

Every lease will be unique to the particular occupancy, the property location, the focus of the landlord, and the operations of the tenancy. We have listed below some of the key issues to incorporate into the due diligence process that you undertake on the lease documentation.

These items should be added to with due regard to your local lease conditions, the property and leasing priorities. Every lease is potentially different and unique, and on that basis should be read and interpreted at the earliest possible time.

Any outstanding items in the lease should be actioned as a matter of urgency; when in doubt seek a good solicitor to advise regards legality and any existing omissions or potential lack of compliance. Taking file notes and recording activities should be part of your process in the lease document review.

It is not unusual in a review of lease documentation to find things that have been omitted or incorrectly actioned. Accuracy in the review process is therefore a priority. A property management handover will also incorporate some or all of these items below.

Make sure that the lease is correctly signed and enforceable. It should be the current lease that applies to the

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