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ARISING OUT OF OR BEING CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH THE BOARDING OF SAID HORSE(S), EXCEPT IN THE EVENT OF NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF STABLE, ITS AGENTS, AND/OR EMPLOYEES. This includes, but is not limited to, any personal injury or disability the horse Owner, or Owner's guest, may receive on Stable's premises. The Owner fully understands that Stable does not carry any insurance on any horse(s) not owned by it for boarding or for any other purposes, whether public liability, accidental injury, theft or equine mortality insurance, and that all risks connected with boarding or for any other reason for which the horse(s) in the possession of, and on the premises of Stable are to be borne by the Owner. Stable strongly recommends equine…show more content…
10. Changes or Termination of This Agreement. It is agreed by the parties that this Agreement may be changed or terminated upon thirty (30) days notice, regardless of the rental period. All notices must be issued in writing unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. The posting of updated rate schedules in a conspicuous or open place in Stable's office shall constitute notice of any and all rate changes or regulation changes as may be deemed appropriate by Stable. 11. Rules and Regulations. The Owner agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Stable. In the event someone other than the Owner shall call for the horse(s), such person shall have written authority signed by the Owner to obtain said horse(s). 12. Right of Lien. The Owner is put on notice that Stable has a right of lien as set forth in the laws of the State of South Carolina, for the amount due for the board and keep of such horse(s), and also for storage and services, and shall have the right, without process of law, to retain said horse(s) until the amount of said indebtedness is discharged. However, Stable will not be obligated to retain and/or maintain the horse(s) in question in the event the amount of the bill exceeds the anticipated unregistered value of the horse(s). In the event Stable exercises Stable's lien rights as above-described for non-payment, this

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