The Legacy Of Super Power

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America is considered one of the greatest nations on the planet not only because of its well-known history of accomplishments but its history in War. The title of “Super Power” has been aimed at us more than other nations. America has proved to be successful in wars and that is something to hold onto and keep. The U.S.A. has its own Hall of History and historical wars, like the war of a Revolution, which gave us our independence of freedom from Great Britain (1600’s), the Civil War, which was a war fought of separation between the nation into two sides: the Union and the Confederate. Emancipated the slaves and gave African Americans freedom (1800’s). The First World War (Beginning in 1914 and ending in 1919), that went down as one of the…show more content…
The Civil war, World War 1, and World War II are the most impactful and historical events dealing with the United States story and existence. We are going to go through history and research for the causes of America entering in one of these large-scale wars, finding the effects on one of the Great Wars involving the U.S.A., and the chronological events leading to the Battle or Clash. Different views of the many reasons why America has entered in this war are important. Using evidence to back up this research will help us understand the viewpoint which side the victor and America is on.

The Great Civil War
To do this research on war and its influences on America, the Civil War is an optimal candidate because it’s significant. It was the first war to be fought on American soil besides the American Revolutionary War. The civil war has more deaths than any other war in American involvement history. In the beginning of rivalries of one another in the United States of America, there was a Civil War that had resulted in the bloodiest war in American History. Approximately “2,128,948 soldiers have served in the Civil War” and the after effect of the war was “Resulting in 620,000 deaths” ( the Americans came together and formed the United States of America, this would have to take some time of course. Why is it that the great “America” even dived into a war within itself to begin with? What were the causes of this dispute leading up to
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