The Legacy Of The Native Americans

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Our history is written by the winners of the bloody, and merciless battles that shaped our country. The hate that has slaughtered thousands of people, is also the hate that has made our country the beautiful tragedy it is today. We all know the history of how Christopher Columbus came to the native land, named the people here indians because he thought he was in the Indi mountains and brought disease and colonists to the land to make it part of spain. What is usually left out of our history is just how brutal living at that time really was, and just how much we abused the Native Americans to get what we wanted. The true history of the native americans is no longer taught in schools, they no longer teach about the native americans and what they went through from being invaded, tricked, slaughters and finally removed from their own land. The first genocide in america was the Native Americans, they were pushed from their homes and forced to fight or die for their ancestral lands. Even though the natives were mostly friendly and willing to become acquainted with the new settlers they were soon pushed out and slaughtered. One of the last real resistance acts came in 1812 when congress declared war on great britain, Tecumseh, A famous Native American warrior, lead an act of defiance with his confederacy and sided with the british to try and push out the settlers. According to John Sugden, author of Ohio History “Tecumseh led a group of raiders in these efforts, attacking
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