The Great Impact On Native American Nation And The United States Of America

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Since the beginning of time mankind has fought with itself, whether it be through disagreements, disrespect, feuds, or even over the smallest of matters. For example, one of the biggest feuds in American history that just ended recently was between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. This just shows you how petty, ignorant, and uncivilized we as a people can become. However, the greatest and most crucial feud of all was between the entire Native American Nation and the United States of America. This war of hate and disrespect towards tribes of people and their culture is uncalled for and has left a stain that will last forever in time. We choose not to realize the great impact it had on the Native American Nation, and most of what really happened is not mentioned in the text books that we have today. Instead we focus more on the three main academics which are reading, writing, and arithmetic. Doing so has left many people clueless about the events that have occurred in the past, and I think the main reason for this is caused by the American government being embarrassed about what they did to a people who meant no harm, a culture that only lashed out due to the European American settlers drawing first blood. This is why I decided to do my essay on this topic. The truth needs to be heard, and the reasoning for all the massacres, the violation of countless treaties, and how we impacted the way of life for the Native Americans needs to be told. Why did we do this to a culture? The

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