The Legacy of Rome Essay

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Roman Gladiators were a highly trained group of people who fought against other gladiators and animals in the Roman coliseums. Most gladiators were slaves captured from other countries that Rome fought. Once Rome conquested their lands, the gladiators were taken prisoner and escorted back to Rome. Once in Rome, they went to the ludus gladiatorius, or Gladiator school, to be trained. Training was supervised by a lanista, or “butcher” who frequently abused the gladiators both physically and mentally, usually using a whip. Many thought that gladiators were only slaves. However, criminals, people in debt, and other rule breakers who were sentenced to death were also sent to the ludus gladiatorius. The gladiators were trained based on the …show more content…

The largest was The Colosseum in Rome. It sat 45,000 people and was where the emperor would host his personal games which, if you lived in the time of Nero, he usually won. The Legacy of Rome is great. It was a powerful empire, one of the most powerful in history, its language inspired the languages of today, and the architecture of Rome is still emulated in the buildings of the modern world. Rome’s language was Latin. Latin was so widely used by everyone in Rome’s vast empire that it inspired many modern languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English, and many other languages were based off of or were similar to Latin. In fact, Latin had such an impact on the languages of the world that people still learn it today, 200 years later. Rome also left behind its governmental structure. Rome had twelve tables of written laws for all Romans to obey. While the modern day United States do not have twelve tables, we do have the constitution, which sets the laws of America which we must all follow. Rome had three branches of government, the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch. Rome had two consuls, representing its Executive Branch. America has a President and Vice President. Rome had a senate to make laws; America has the Legislative House and Senate as well. Romans built roads, Americans have built and are still building roads to expand our infrastructure. The buildings in Rome were big, and were made out of marble to add to their already

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