Drinking Age To 18 Essay

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A lot of people have different opinions on the legal age of alcohol consumption. Some countries have the age lowered to eighteen and, the United States has it set at twenty-one. In Canada, it is typically up to the parents if the children drink and a lot of the kids are raised drinking beer with meals; therefore, it is pretty laid back in Canada regarding alcohol consumption. The drinking age being lowered could immensely change things around America; students would be at lower risk of alcohol-related deaths, there would not be chances of identity theft from ordering things such as ID’s from foreign countries, college campuses would have a lot lower arrest rates and it gives students and people eighteen years of age a sense of …show more content…

As many people know or have heard of someone who has been a victim of drunk driving it happens quite often. Students and young adults will go out to bars with friends and will try to drive home after consuming way too many drinks. Only because of the risk of the parents finding out and being caught. In the long run, it makes the situation a lot worse. If it was legal for someone of eighteen years of age to drink there would be no reason to hide it from the parents anymore and, could even use them for a ride home instead of hiding it. It gives the young adults a relief to not have to hide it anymore and feel as if there is nobody that can help besides the friends that are drunk as well. The students would respect the age a lot more because it is fitting to the lifestyle some live and binge drinking would be childish. As said by a parent in the article “Lowering the Drinking Age”, “I’d rather see my kids sipping beer out of a red Solo cup at a well-patrolled fraternity party than drinking shots and popping a Vicodin in someone’s basement off campus” (Cary). Almost all eighteen year olds have friends that are in college and twenty-one already and can drink and get into clubs that an eighteen-year-old could not get into. This makes the young adults around want to fit in and drink as well. Not many eighteen year olds are close friends with sixteen year olds and it would not

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