The Legal Concept Of Tort Law

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Introduction Tort law is an area of law that focuses on the civil wrongful action of an individual that causes injury to the other party. The action causes someone else to suffer loss hence a legal liability. The loss may be property, personal reputation or life-related requires that the affected entity be compensated by the cause of the damage. The concept of tort law is applicable in handling civil issues in the world of today hence a relevant area of study (Gardipee, 2013). The paper seeks to address the legal concept of tort, the relation to the case of a famous United States of America pharmacist Robert will further dwell on other lawsuit associated with the victim in the case scenario.
The legal concept of tort Tort law is a civil law that is very different from other types of laws such as criminal or contract law. Many cases the offense may be due to negligence or breach of duty but cannot be summarized as a criminal offense. The party that has suffered the loss normally can recover the loss through a lawsuit. A lawsuit is a claim that is filed by the injured party to seek compensation from the wrongdoer over the damage incurred. There four key elements of tort law that are crucial in handling the concept (Deakin and Johnston, 2012).The duty of care, breach of duty, causation and resulting damage or injury. For one to commit a tort, he or she must owe a legal duty to the victim. This may occur in the line of duty for instance health professionals as in

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