The Legal Team Of Greene 's Jewelry Essay

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We the legal team of Greene’s Jewelry have the opportunity to evaluate all the necessary details of the case and overlooked what the strengths and weaknesses of our argument would be presented to the Court. To assist our argument we have decided to utilize the regulations, substantive laws and case laws. The case precedents will provide multiple directions for the arguments to be assessed in the Court. Greene’s Jewelry is more likely to receive a favorable judgment by applying these resources in the claim against Ms. Lawson. After numerous evaluations and examinations, we the legal team has assess the elements of the case and concluded that the primary reason of the lawsuit against Ms. Lawson is due to her breach of the non-disclosure agreement. The demeanor in which Ms. Lawson violated her contract depicts her true intention in her activities. Ms. Lawson’s behavior led to an interruption in Greene’s Jewelry daily business operation process. With Greene’s biggest competitor, Howell acquiring confidential information from Ms. Lawson on their secret trade process of Ever-Gold makes it a criminal offense. The State of New Hampshire has established laws to “protect private and public bodies from misappropriation of secret trades; these are laws that copy the Federal Uniform Trade Secrets Act” (Stim, 2016). There is a patent on the information shared by Ms. Lawson, which contain the secret trade process of Ever-Gold. By providing Howell’s with the stolen patent information makes

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