The Jewelry By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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In the short story, "The Jewelry", written by Guy de Maupassant, there is an eventual ironic twist that ends up enhances the main character's characterization. The plot is that a young woman, whom is adored by many, is married to a clerk, who earns a modest salary each year. Together the Lantins live quite happily, despite their financial situation seems to lack the ability to provide a lavish lifestyle. However, Mrs. Lantin has a trick; she dresses up her dull clothes with "fake" jewelry that could fool anyone into thinking they were pure gems. Later in the story, Mrs. Lantin dies, leaving Mr. Lantin in a struggle to stay afloat. In an effort to scrap up some extra cash, the man goes to jewelry stores and asks for the necklaces to be appraised. Controlled by utter shock of how much the jewels are worth, Mr. Latin starts living the lavish lifestyle he's always wanted, spending money carelessly. This eventually attracts his second wife: a woman who makes him miserable. "The Jewelry"'s events show that Monsieur Lantin is characterized as a round, and dynamic character, who shows traits through indirect characterization. Through the events that unfolded before Maupassant's readers, it is clear that the author wanted to characterize Mr. Lantin as a…show more content…
Early on in the story, he seemed very content with his life and his wife, who made it appear to the world they had riches, despite having a measly job as a clerk. Yet we see the polar opposite of early-Lantin start to emerge once the jewels were appraised for money he couldn't fathom: a Lantin that is obsessed with greed and materialistic. " " I'm a rich man, too! I'm worth two hundred thousand francs!" (Maupassant). In paragraphs following this sentence, it describes him having a spending spree with women. The Lantin readers see in the beginning, in comparison to the end point man, could be described as almost separate
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