The Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana

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The legalisation of medicinal marijuana is a very controversial topic within Australia. Recently, Victoria took the first steps to legalise medicinal marijuana, referenced in Victorian Government 's Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 (12th April 2016) and passed by the Victorian Parliament. This is the beginning of “the process of enabling patients to access medicinal cannabis.” In spite of this forward move, the debate still rages. There are valid and significant stances about whether marijuana should be legalised for medicinal purposes. Marijuana, better known as “cannabis”, is a psychotropic drug. Medicinal cannabis is known to have 400 chemicals, and these chemicals help with pain management, mitigate some cancers, relieve nausea, controls epilepsy, stabilises diabetes and pain management in HIV/AIDS patients. The research basis for using medical cannabis is unequivocal. It relieves suffering; it contributes to quality of life, and in some cases, prolongs life. The current debate must centre on the medical model and not the street drug history and community beliefs and values that have hijacked this important drug. Over time use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in other countries have assisted sufferers. The authorisation of medicinal marijuana in Australia would advantage a large number of individuals around the nation for therapeutic reasons.

Medicinal marijuana dates back to the earliest eras of when medicine was used. During the 1900’s and before, humans…

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