The Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana

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The legalisation of medicinal marijuana is a very controversial topic within Australia. Recently, Victoria took the first steps to legalise medicinal marijuana, referenced in Victorian Government 's Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 (12th April 2016) and passed by the Victorian Parliament. This is the beginning of “the process of enabling patients to access medicinal cannabis.” In spite of this forward move, the debate still rages. There are valid and significant stances about whether marijuana should be legalised for medicinal purposes. Marijuana, better known as “cannabis”, is a psychotropic drug. Medicinal cannabis is known to have 400 chemicals, and these chemicals help with pain management, mitigate some cancers, relieve…show more content…
“The first recorded mention of cannabis used in a medical context comes from the Shennong pên Ts’ao ching of the earliest texts on herbal medicine, which dates back to 2700 BCE.” ("Sensi Seeds, 2015, "What is medicinal marijuana?", para.2). Cannabis kept on being a vital piece of incalculable prescriptions, from cough syrup to pain killers. As it was used to help treat or relieve a symptom and individual had. At one stage, cannabis was the worlds most generally endorsed restorative plant, until it was suddenly precluded in numerous countries during the 1930s. ‘Medicinal cannabis use was lawful in Australia until the 1950s, but cannabis cultivation and use is now illegal in all states except Victoria.’ (Wodak, A., 2016) Medical use of marijuana has been a hot topic in Australia of late, with many having their sole opinion on the matter. Australia has been separated whether medicinal marijuana should be legalised throughout the whole country. Recently, Victoria took the initiative to pass their bill on legalising the use of marijuana for medical reasons only to the highest Government. A whole year later, the bill was surpassed and accepted by the government. With many states keeping a close eye on Victoria, it has gathered support from most states in Australia to legalise medicinal marijuana for the whole country. The particular group who want to see this issue
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