The Legalization of Physician-assisted Death

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Your grandfather is dying. He’s dying of cancer and slowly has been for the past decade. It began slowly, attacking his internal organs with seemingly little affect, then spread throughout his body. Watching him suffer every day is terrible, but knowing there is absolutely nothing that can be done to ease his pain makes it that much worse.

The process of dying is a natural, inevitable part of life. However, in the year 2014 there is no reason we shouldn’t make this process easier for our terminally ill loved ones. The legalization of physician-assisted death can help patients as well as their families in terms of quality of life, expenses, and empowerment.

A petition for such a law could help prevent such effects.

Dying due to an incurable illness can be devastating With responsibility of caretaking falling chiefly on the patient’s family. While dealing with the normal every day activities that families encounter, becoming a primary caregiver to the terminally ill is an emotional as well as financial burden. The ill person usually lives in the house of a family member, which forces the family to witness the person dying every day. Having to watch a person suffer in your own home is depressing to even the strongest of people and knowing there is nothing that can be done to stop their pain makes things that much worse. Studies have shown that people who receive a terminal illness diagnosis become depressed and develop anxiety. Because of the mood disorders that can

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