The Legend Of Dracula

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Kostova utilizes the setting in The Historian to reinforce the legitimacy of the legend of Dracula. The reader is taken on a journey throughout time and space all over Europe, which is made all the more realistic by Kostova’s use of imagery and sensation. There are several different locations that are quite important to the story and establishing the history of Dracula. The location that has the most significance is Dracula’s tomb. The whole story has been geared to finally finding Dracula’s tomb, and therefore finding out whether he really is still alive. The tomb is revealed through the letters Rossi wrote while he was there. Kostova plays on the readers senses when describing the tomb, which makes it incredibly realistic. She uses darkness and coldness to illustrate the fear that Rossi is feeling, being in this place with the monster that is Dracula. “This groping in dimness was terrifying, and I expected at any second to be pounced on by the Thing that had brought me there. I wondered again if I might not actually be dead — if this was some terrible version of death, which I had momentarily mistaken for a continuation of life,” (Kostova, 806). While reading this, the reader can feel exactly what Rossi is feeling in that moment, which is due to the descriptive setting. Using the senses draws the reader in, allowing them to imagine exactly how the character is feeling and making them feel like they are right there with the character. “Because his back was now to the fire,
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