The Legend Of Gods And Titans

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Long ago, before Man was created, there were only Gods and Titans. Uranus was the Titan that ruled everything. After a few millennia, he gave birth to triplets, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. When they were all grown up, they became all powerful gods. When Opis, the Gods’ Uncle was jealous of Uranus, so jealous that when at the celebration of the birth of triplets, Opis killed Uranus and when that happened the first planet, besides Earth was Uranus, to watch over the EArth forever. When Jupiter saw this, He screamed “ You don’t have the right to do that. You can’t kill my father” he challenged “ I challenge you to a battle to the death!”
“ You fool!” cried Neptune “ You have no power to kill Opis! You have no chance. Brother, don’t do …show more content…

As next in line, Saturn stepped up to the plate as king.
-He announced “Gods and Titans, as the new king I promise to you all that I will not abuse all this power I have, unlike my brother Opis, but instead use it to give all of you more freedom.”
“Huzza” cried the Olympians, not including the Gods.
“ My first decree as king is that the Gods, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are not allowed to give birth to more Gods or otherwise be sent to Tarturus, for if they do, I’m afraid that they will overthrow us with their power and do unspeakable things to us.”
“ Huzza, king Saturn. Huzza king Saturn. Huzza, king Saturn…”

When the Triplets heard of the decree, they were infuriated. They felt that Saturn was abusing his power as king. They were also mad that after all the trouble to kill Opis, the next king was just like him. Jupiter was the most infuriated of the three. “ Why do you do this Saturn. Why!” He cried. The Next day, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto Stormed into the Titans castle. “ You imposter!” shouted Pluto.
“ You fraud” cried Neptune
“ You traitor.” screamed Jupiter “ We are the ones that put you in the place that you are in. And yet, you limit our power. How Unking like!”
“ I am just trying to keep my power..” calmly added Saturn
“ By limiting ours. Do you know what, you’d better prepare for war because I and my brothers are attacking your castle tomorrow.” hollered Jupiter as he marched away, followed by his

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