The Legend Of Jehoshapet : The Wandering Sword

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Once in the lands of our ancestors lived a bold hero, believed to have the strength and wisdom of the gods. The hero was named Jehoshapet. Although he was great, it was no longer good enough. Many wars he had endured, never having lost, but he confronted them all alone. This made him a legend and gave him the name Jehoshapet " The Wandering Sword”.

During that time, King Arteus, the Ruler of Greece, was in battle with Sparta. Arteus became anxious to end the bloodshed of his people. The advisors were then summoned and demanded, "is there no one on Gaia who can destroy the Spartans under their feet?" All the advisor's whispered among themselves, "Zeus or Poseidon will save us." But Arteus was not convinced. He needed a man. The door of the court room blew open and a cloak of fog covered the ground. From the mysterious cloud came a single formidable voice "Summon the Wandering Sword." The King in all his pride jumped from his seat and ordered the being, "I am a King, and I demand you show yourself." The fog blanketed the entire room and all the advisors fell to the ground. A dark figure emerged, dropping the king to his knees. "You say you are a king, but I, I am a god you mortal scum!" The king panicked and sent for the Wandering Sword, who lives in a cave surrounded by crystal waters.

Jehoshaphat, who was resting in the cave surrounded by a pack of Bears, received a letter from the Greeks about the war. After reading the Letter, Jehoshaphat had been held in the grasp of

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