The Legend Of The Magician

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Merlin the Magician in an important fictional character throughout legends and history. He is known as a powerful sorcerer and a mentor for the future King Arthur. His magical abilities include shapeshifting, spells, and foresight.
According to legend, Merlin was born during the rule of King Vortigern, a 5th century warlord, in Carmarthen, Wales. He was given the name Myrddin Emrys, or Ambrosius, by his mother, the princess of Dyfed, whose father was a sub-king (King’s second in command). Merlin isn’t just a character from the Arthurian Legends, “Writer Geoffrey of Monmouth is credited with creating Merlin in his 1136 A.D. work, Historia Regum Britanniae - The History of Kings of Britain. While a large portion of Historia Regum Britanniae is a historical account of former kings of Britain, Merlin was included as a fictional character (although it is likely that Geoffrey intended for readers to believe he was a figure extracted from long-lost ancient texts).” (Ancient Origins, The legendary Origins of Merlin the Magician) This places his first appearance in the early 10th century, since then Merlin has been in several different stories other than the Legend of King Arthur.
Merlin was derived from several different people scattered through history and legend. These include the Myrddin Wyllt, a madman, Romano, a British war leader, and trickster Ambrosius Aurelianus, for who Merlin was named. There are three people who share the exact same story. They were the welsh Myrddin,

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