The Legend Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving

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Max Lippman
21st of September 2015
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Sleepy Hollow In the Legend Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, the reader follows the story of a Man named Ichabod Crane. It all takes place in 18th century New York, where we see Ichabod the lanky, poor, school teacher attempt to court the rich and lovely Katrina Van Tassel. Ichabod comes to Sleepy Hollow, New York, from his home state of Connecticut, to be the schoolmaster of the village. The town of Sleepy Hollow and its inhabitants are said to be under some kind of spell or enchantment, and the place is shrouded by supernatural rumors. Irving plays out these aspects of Sleepy Hollow throughout the story helping the reader to become more engaged in the story using aspects of satire, along with dark romantiscm. As Ichabod tries to win the hand of Katrina he runs into obstacles, such as the strong and manly Brom Van Brunt, also known as Brom Bones. Irving uses satire and comedic relief throughout Ichabod and Brom’s interactions. However, overall it is the theme of Dark Romantiscm that helps to develop Ichabod Crane’s relationship. One of Ichabod’s main conflicts is Brom Bones. Even though Ichabod is very good at getting women, he runs into to trouble with what seems like Brom feeling threatened or jealous of Ichabod. “Ichabod Crane had a soft and foolish heart towards the sex; and it is not to be wondered at, that so tempting a morsel soon found favor in his eyes; more especially after he had visited her in her…
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