Essay The Legend of Zelda: A Perfect Religion

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Anyone who wants to call themselves a gamer has to have some idea as to what Zelda is. It is among one of the most popular video game series out there and has created its own cultural wellspring. There have been spin off cartoons, websites, walkthroughs, forms, etc…but strangely enough the story for one of the video games doesn’t change much. You are this elf looking boy or adult named Link that is on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda, reunite the Triforce, and save the land of Hyrule from evils such as Ganondorf. That is the general idea for almost every single one of the Zelda games, but what is so different about the Zelda games is that they marked the beginning of the gamer being able to actually guide Link. The gamers are allowed to …show more content…

This set up the way for the gamer to willing accept other ideas in the games, such as the religion of Hyrule.
I have mentioned the religion of Hyrule multiple times now, but haven’t explained what it actually is yet. In essence, the religion of Hyrule is the perfect combination of all religions that allows for players of all beliefs or none at all to come and enjoy the game and this is what I will be arguing. Across the many games in the Zelda series, there are traces of Christianity, Muslim, Atheism, and even Shinto, Japans primary religion. These traces all seem to combine into the central idea of the Triforce, the legendary symbol of the Goddesses of Hyrule. The Triforce is made up of three different parts which each represent different virtues. They are the Triforce of wisdom, Triforce of courage, and Triforce of power. When the three pieces are combined, it creates the complete Triforce which grants the inner most desire of person who touches it first. The Goddesses of Hyrule are Din, Nayru, and Farore, who are said to have created the world, then created the Triforce, then elected the hero of time (who is Link) to defend the land from the powers of evil that could arise if someone of not pure heart gets ahold of the Triforce. The most interesting part about the three goddesses is the idea that the normal person

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