The Legitimacy Of Haunted Houses

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Such investigations over the legitimacy of haunted houses have been increasingly correlated (weather positively or negatively) to that of the theories behind ghosts, phantoms and apparitions that occupy the air that humans share, along with the clear signs of hauntings as well as how spirits get attached to a house; Making such ground essential in producing confusion. The differences between ghosts, phantoms, and apparitions became the focal point in J. Gordon Meltons research, The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. The word Apparition was derived from the Latin deviation of apparere (to appear) , which can be interpreted as the perception of any kind of organism or anything in the world after it's passing from the physical dimension.…show more content…
house haunted with a specific smell.) To dig deeper into such debacle, the debate over what the meaning was behind ghosts and phantoms was investigated by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson Steiger in their book The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained under the article "Ghosts and Phantoms: Introduction" where research over such issue has found that phantoms are, contrary to the public belief, actually quite different from ghosts. Many confuse both terms of “ghosts” and “phantoms” because of the fact that they “are generally interchangeable in popular usage, [but] many psychical researchers who specialize in such areas......[found] distinction that phantoms are most often associated with locales that over the years have built up unique atmospheres, such as places of battle...” (B. Steiger and S. Steiger) The confusion over the terms that was separated by a minimal difference in meaning has sparked long and hard debates over what could be classified as as a “being” of the…show more content…
One infamous theory was constructed by J. Gordon Melton, an American religious scholar, that the way that hauntings are classified are often objective to the person. This showcases how what one person might hear as a ghost communicating, others might be hearing nothing but a gust of wind due to the fact that “sounds below the ordinary limit of audition may be heard objectively although nobody else is aware of a beginning disturbance.....” (Melton.) Such showcases the dangers of people not taking into account the aduative hyperaesthesia of human beings. The human mind therefore can interpret a situation in a certain way, differing from person to person, leading to diverse accounts of the same interaction that in the end causes nothing more but confusion in the scholarly world as the search goes on for a clear answer. Many have also succumbed to the preys of other malicious con artists in the world that aspire to make a profit off people's gullibility by claiming to have the supernatural power to contact those who have passed away from the psychical world. The Steigers into their extensive research of the topic of the paranormal activity have
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