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Ever since I was a little girl i’ve had this burning passion to be on a stage. Acting is everything to me. I grew up with it having a special place in my heart. I think most of the reason why I love acting is because when i’m having a bad day or I just want to “escape” I know that when it comes to acting you get to be a different person. You get to have a good day and you get to “escape”. My brother and sister both also act. I feel as though I take a lot more serious than them both. Probably because they both have amazing voices, but for me acting is all I have. I can’t remember when I first loved acting, but my first time on a stage playing a role was when I was in Kindergarten. Even before then I was a “diva”. I would put on plays, do some of my gymnast routines, and tap dance for my mom. Around that time my dad wasn’t home a lot. He’s a veteran so my mom would always record me and/or my sister. There’s still a video of me putting on a musical and singing an original song (most of it said “what the” because I thought that ‘heck’ was a ‘bad word’) somewhere. I know that a lot of people believe that it’s not going to happen, and it might not, but I’m never going to stop trying. Just because someone else's dreams fail doesn’t mean mine will.

I practically have my whole life mapped out. I’m going to graduate school, and then go to Purdue for four years and be a double major. Theatre and Social Work. (Yes, I have a backup plan) After college I’m going to move to Los Angeles.

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