The Life Of Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt Compared to Jill Petrasek Eleanor Roosevelt was a remarkable woman who was incomparable because of how much she had wanted to change the world. She had helped society take action by fighting for equality between all women and men, blacks and white, and many more things that she had believed in. Eleanor Roosevelt had a hard life when growing up due to the fact that his mom had died when Eleanor was at young age (Ellwood 6). This had made her have to move in with her grandparents, which meant that it would be harder to keep in contact with her father because he was not with her (Ellwood 6). Eleanor and her father were still able to keep in contact due to the fact that they wrote letters to each other frequently (Ellwood 6). This in fact had helped Eleaner to grow due to the fact that her dad had told her to work hard, and be instructable to the outside world. The letters had halted at the age of ten because her father had passed away (Ellwood 6). The fact that her dad had passed away made her feel like she had no one to talk to which made her feel lonely (Ellwood 6). After Eleanor 's father’s passing she became sheepish and reserved to the outside world until she had meet a teacher by the name of Ms. Souvestre who showed her to be confident and how smart she really was (Ellwood 9). Souvestre had also advised Eleanor to always say what was on her mind and stand up for what was right and what she believed even if there were extreme

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