The Life Of Harriett Tubman And The Underground Rail Road

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Harriett Tubman was born into slavery in 1820 by 1849 she was exhausted of being a slave, and decide to risk her life to run for her freedom. Harriett Tubman escaped from Maryland, Eastern shore to Philadelphia, Pa. She wore many hats while serving for the Union during the civil war. She started out a nurse while serving for the United States Army, as well as an armed scout, abolitionist, a spy and humanitarian. Tubman led hundreds of men, women, and children to the north for freedom.
Harriett Tubman worked closely with the Colonel. James Montgomery of the Union Army. It was Tubman’s idea to raid plantations, to free slave and burn down the slave owner plantations, along the Combahee River. Throughout history Harriett Tubman was known …show more content…

The visible signs of signs of leader
Harriett Tubman displayed were her leadership skills with determination to help free other slave no matter the cost, she was willing to risk her own life. Her ability to motivate others to escape to the free states, She was able to convince the slaves that risk of being free far out weights the issues of being a slave. Harriett helped the Underground Railroad to become organized which gave the ability to free hundreds of slaves. Harriett convinced others find courage in themselves and opportunity to be free. She also needed the ingenuity and creativity to survive.
What Leadership qualities or characteristics does the leader have? Harriett Tubman showed herself to be a true humanitarian towards the other slaves. She took on the leadership role to help other. Despite the fact she was on the most wanted list for the Confederate Army’s list, she was a wanted dead or alive. Harriett exhibited the character traits of strength, tenacity and determination as she helped people escape from slavery. One important quality she showed was the ability to motivate other salves to flee the plantation for freedom, to overcome the fear of being a slave and not afraid of being a free man or woman. Through her determination, strength and tenacity other slave were able to visualize their own freedom.
Was the leader appointed or did the leader earn or 'self-select ' the leadership role? Harriett Tubman was a self -

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