The Life Of My Life

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When most people think of life, they don’t necessarily try nor want to remember the hardships and obstacles it took to get here. Where they are now. Among many things, I’ve seem to count negative marks the most in my life. Although i lived a good, middle class life, it isn’t all it’s made to be.
I believe my first crisis, would have to have been sitting on a motorcycle and the motor burning me. It didn’t do much damage, in fact little, but it felt like a million suns on my tiny legs. I had been probably five or six, so it really did a pain.
The second, for me, would have been our beloved family golden retriever Buddy, had passed away on my fifth birthday night. I had left with my moms sister, my brother came too, and we had gotten home to no doggie. Sad times, but then we made the executive decision to get a new dog, a basset hound. She was wonderful.
The third crisis, was moving. I was about six, or seven. We were going to downsize the property, so we moved not even five or six minutes down the road, maybe not even that. I was a little sad, but at the time I didn’t know I was, but it was clear to everyone else. I adjusted.
The fourth, well, tragic. My brother and I had the brilliant idea to ride the dirt bike through the woods, it wasn’t the first time we’ve done it, but together? I sat on the back, although dirt bikes aren’t necessarily meant for two people, we made it work. So, we had been laughing I can’t remember what about, but he hadn’t been seeing where he was

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