The Life Of The Sands Family

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The Sands Family Family in Spanish is Familia, to some people family is just family, but to me familia is all that I have. My family is very important to me; we’ve been through a great deal of hardships that have brought us closer. Before I begin talking about my family, I want to describe the place in our house in which we spend the most time in. This room isn’t very large, but it’s cozy. The walls are brown, like peanut butter, and it has three windows shaped like squares, with beautiful brown curtains draped across the top, it also has two couches suitable for our family of five, with a 65inch television, which is awesome because we’re all Football Fans, with Surround sound speakers we feel like we’re in a movie theater. There are also some family pictures of my siblings and I when we we’re born. So this is our room, which is special to us, but what’s most special about it is that it brings my family together. I could begin the book of my life with a picture of my parents, they are imperative in my life, they met in a club in New York, and dated five years, then my father popped the big question. They’ve been married for 25 years, they have helped me in my development as a young lady, also they gave me the tools I needed to be a “somebody” in the future, and they provided my basic needs, like food, clothes, medicine, and most importantly LOVE. They taught me good ethics, for instance how to behave, and to
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