The Life Of William Harvey

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The Life of William Harvey
By: Hayden Rouse

William Harvey, Physician to King James and Charles I, was the first person to correctly describe the full circulation of blood in human and animals. This was his greatest contribution to the scientific world, because prior to his discoveries and theories, not much was known about the heart and its role in blood circulation. Harvey was also one of the first people to suggest that humans and other mammals reproduced through the fertilization of an egg cell and a sperm cell.

Born on April 1st, 1578, in Folkestone England, William Harvey was the oldest of seven brothers and two sisters born to Thomas Harvey, a farmer and land owner. From 1588-1593 at the age of 10, Harvey attended the King 's School in Canterbury. He later pursued the study of medicine at Caius College, Cambridge from 1593-1599 at the age of 15 tuition-free for six years. William finally earned his doctorate in medicine in 1602 at the university of Padua, which at the time was very acclaimed for its courses in anatomy and various medical fields.

To top this impressive background off, Harvey was also a good student. William’s teachers wrote on his diploma “[Harvey] had conducted himself so wonderfully well in the examination, and had shown such skill, memory and learning that he had far surpassed even the great hopes which his examiners had formed of him. They decided therefore that he was skilful, expert, and most efficiently qualified both in arts and medicine…”
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