Essay on The Life and Experiences of Winston Churchill

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I chose Winston Churchill a political leader (Nov. 30, 1874-Jan. 24, 1965). In Winston Churchill’s early years as a child his parents were always traveling and had very busy social lives. Mrs. Everest was his nanny that took good care of him. At age eight he attended boarding school where he was considered as a troublemaker. At age twelve he was accepted in Military School where he studied military tactics. Later he graduated and worked for the Morning Post during the Boer War in South Africa. He had quite an adventure during this time, he was shot at and captured but managed to escape where he lived to write a book about it. During fighting the war Winston Churchill knew that he wanted to get into politics to make policies to make a …show more content…

Sir Felix Semen gave him speech exercises such as “The Spanish ships I cannot see for they are not in sight” he would constantly practice. Later on he was told by American masseuse that his tongue was restrained by a ligament that no one else has, which caused all of his stuttering and rattling of the throat problems. He wanted the ligament to be removed but Sir Felix Semen refused. Winston Churchill learned to live with this and before every speech he would practice the speech over and over to make sure that his stuttering was under control. He kept saying that he was going to be a political speaker; eventually he gave a well-spoken political speech which he said “My impediment is no hindrance” (Rosenberg, J. 2014). I thought by Winston Churchill making this speech was amazing because he was letting the world know that nothing is going to set him back.
Winston Churchill acted out of social interest because ever since he was a young boy he knew that he wanted to go to school to learn about the war and to become a political leader. I think his parents had an influence on him being interested in social interest because they were very social and busy people. His interest was making a difference by not just obeying the law but making the laws. In the process of being interested in politics he became a writer as well. According to Adler, when we feel encouraged, we feel capable and appreciated

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