The Life and Success of Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is the number one women’s tennis player in the world. Her outstanding skills have earned her 50 million dollars through just prizes; that is more than any other athlete in the world (“Serena Williams Fast Facts”). Her fast reflexes, amazing skills, and outgoing personality have made her known as a powerful woman and an inspiration to many young girls. This African-American woman is almost six feet tall and is made of steel. With her long, muscular legs and her quick arms, no wonder she is number one! Serena Williams had many hard times in her childhood. Richard and Oracene Williams raised their five daughters in the poor city of Compton, California. They gave birth to Serena Jameka Williams September 26, 1981 (“Serena Williams Biography”). Richard enjoyed tennis very much and would often have Serena and her older sister Venus practice for hours in the terrible tennis courts (“Venus & Serena Williams Biography”). Richard was extremely supportive and hoped all the best for his children. “He would ask what tournament she wanted to win, and then, enter them for that very competition which they often then went to win” (Sheyin). At ten years old, Serena was on the junior United States Tennis Association tour and won first place in the ten and under division! Worried at first, Richard pulled them out due to his desire for them to stay focused at school. He also noticed some parents say some harsh things because of their racial background. After his daughters
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