Robert Herrick Research Paper

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Robert Herrick once said “The body is the soul’s poor house or home, who ribs the laths are and whose flesh the loam”. Robert Herrick was a person of great poetry and talent. Herrick was a person who spoke extremely highly and spoke from his mind. He was the type to show his love with great details. He had a strong passion for love and romance. Herrick was the type to show people that whatever he wanted accomplished him would have gotten it accomplished. Herrick life was spent mostly in college, England, and dealing with his long time achievements. “Robert Herrick was born in Cheapside, London he was baptized on August 24, 1591. His family was old Leicestershire who lived in London. Herrick Father was Nicholas Herrick and mother is Juliana Stone. His parents had seven children together. Robert was the seventh child out three girls and two boys. Nicholas Herrick Robert father was a successful goldsmith. When Herrick was only a year and two months old his father committed suicide by jumping from their home in Goldsmith’s Row, London. When Robert was only a year and two months old his mother inherited $5,000 from his father’s estate. After his father’s death, his Uncle Sir William Herrick continues to raise him and his siblings until he was rightfully given his skills of life. As a young man Robert tried his share, at goldsmithing before starting his education (Jokinan <>) His education begins at Westminster school in
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