The Life of Rupert Brooke

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“Is it better to act as a hero or be as hero”? Rupert Brooke was an ordinary guy, but yet ended up making a name for him. He was very talented, loved writing poems, and ended up joining the Royal Navel Division. Over time Brooke seemed like he was just acting instead of thinking before he acted. Although he lived a quick life he still managed to create a name for himself. Brooke lived life by chance he had his ups and also had a few downs. The life of Rupert Brooke was as any other normal lifestyle. Brooke was born August 3, 1887 in Rugby, Britain. He attended the school of Rugby in Rugby, Britain. He was very talented and creative that he found an enjoyment in poems while in school. ( He also was involved in sports such as Cricket and of course rugby. The love he acquired for poetry by reading Browning. He later attended the prestige King’s College, Cambridge in 1906.
Brooke became to establish a name for him throughout the years. He moved to Grantschester, where he worked on a thesis and also created poems devoted to the English Country Life. Also went to Germany and learned the language. Brooke also dealt with a lot of mental problems and begins to travel. The mental problems begin when he had his first mental breakdown when his first wife left him for another man. He cried and was heart broke many years he had fell off from writing and creating poems as if he had actually have up on him life and on what he
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