The Lifeguard

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Analysis of ‘‘The Lifeguard’’ by Mary Morris ‘‘The Lifeguard’’ by Mary Morris is a short story that focusses on change over time. A lifeguard accustomed to be the lord of all he surveys and with a big self-esteem, has a rude awakening when he proves deficient in the first aid needed to save a toddler, Becky, on the beach. The author demonstrates that we realise what we have only when a shattering event occurs. Trough characterization, foreshadowing and symbolism, Morris infers that once we realise what we have, it’s too late. The character outlook of what he sees has clearly changed from the beginning to the end of the story. At first, the lifeguard saw the beach just as a way of being seen and appreciated by the girls and envied by…show more content…
Mrs. Lovenheim was represented as a symbol superiority of throughout the story. As it progresses, he kept on talking about how Mrs. Lovenheim was always looking at him. It made him proud; otherwise he would not have talked about her all along the story. For him, the fact that this women was looking at him was a proof that he was admired by other people on the beach, that he was superior to people around
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