The Link Between Human Health And Groundwater

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Introduction The initial article that I have chosen is an overview of the connection between human health and groundwater. Written by Stephen Foster and Gillian Tyson (2016), the key messages of this article are how many of us rely on groundwater, which makes us more susceptible to pollution, and the effects of pesticides and chemicals. Published by the International Association of Hydrogeologists, this article directly relates to two of the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, which are Clean Water and Sanitation, and Good Health and Well-Being, as well as being indirectly related to many others.
Firstly, Goal #6 on the United Nations list is Clean Water and Sanitation which directly states that, “unsafe management of fecal waste and wastewater continues to present a major risk to public health” (Sustainability Goal #6 Target). This is imbedded in the article, as it is speaking to the health implications of contaminated water and the larger question, of what and how is our water is getting like this. Additionally, the other aspect that is worth looking at is Sustainability Goal #3, Good Health and Well-Being, and in this case how it relates to groundwater. Healthy living and well-being for all ages, is the main statement for this goal and health is discussed many times in this article, the poor health affects it may have as well preventative measures for us to stay healthy. More on the health aspects of water contamination and another Sustainable Development Goal will…
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