The Lion King : Movie Review Of The Lion King

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The Lion King (1994) is a major motion picture by Disney that captivates thousands with a story about overcoming challenges and doing what we know is right. This story follows a Lion by the name of Simba who is the heir to the throne of Pride Rock. Pride Rock is in Africa and represents a society in which all animals are ruled by the “King of The Jungle.” The main characters of this movie are the following based on appearance: Sarabi and Mufasa (Simba’s Parents), Rafiki (a voice of reason), Scar (Simba’s Crazed uncle), Zazu (the king’s majordomo), Nala (the one whom Simba is betrothed to), and last in order of appearance Timon and Pumbaa (Simba’s companions when he leaves home). The beginning of the movie is about Simba growing up with his parents, Sarabi and Mufasa, experiencing life as heir to the throne. Scar was heir to the throne at Pride Rock before his nephew Simba was born, which caused him to have unresolved anger and hatred. This unresolved angry drives Scar to enact a series of mind tricks to manipulate Simba. First in the film, he tricks Simba into going to a very dangerous elephant graveyard where hyenas live. His next ploy in eliminating his one competition for the throne after Mufasa, was staging him in a place where antelope roam. Simba falls prey his to uncles trap the first time and enters the elephant graveyard, but his dad was able to come at the perfect time to rescue Simba and his betrothed mate Nala. After Scars first failed attempt at disposing of

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