The Little Brown Brothers Of The United States

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Nation is a broad term that could mean many things to different people. For instance, some people classify nation as the title that is placed on those that group themselves in this imagined community forged under patriotism. However, other groups of people like Filipinos have a complicated notion of nation. For those Filipinos that came to the United States, they do not know where “home” or “nation” is. To give a bit of background on the complicated understanding of nation for Filipinos it all comes down to their once political standing as a colony of the United States. Many Filipinos grew up with American movies and television shows and with the mentality that they were Filipino Americans. Their English teachers encouraged them to be educated and go to America, yet they never mentioned that once they went to the United States they would be treated as subhuman when they got there. For instance, 'the little brown brothers ' like small children in need of tutalige (Lecture, 9/29/15). Filipina nurses, in particular, struggled to determine whether or not they would return back to the Philippines once they got a taste of what it was like to live the American dream. Filipina nurses faced the struggle of loving the life they lived in American all the while facing exclusions in their work place. Not only did they face certain exclusion by their American counterparts they also endured exclusion from the Philippines. Due to the exclusion they had at work many nurses formed coalitions

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