The Little Fine Arts Library Essay

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The Lucille Little Fine Arts Library doesn’t seem like much from the outside. A relatively older building, it doesn’t catch the eye the way that William T. Young Library does, nor does it take center stage the way Young Library does. Nestled into a little cranny next to a side walk, Little Library can easily be missed if one isn’t paying much attention; despite that, however, the library is still a popular place to study on campus. Students of various disciplines, not just the fine arts, come to Little Library to study. What’s most interesting about the library is how it accommodates students who aren’t studying the fine arts while still acting as a study hub for people who do study the fine arts. Although Little Library contains resources fit mostly for fine arts majors, the library still manages to address many people’s need of a solitary study area. The library accomplishes this through its careful choice and placement of furniture and artwork throughout the building. One aspect of the library that stuck out to me instantly was the distribution of seating. The first floor of the library has a large collection of relatively comfortable bright red chairs and several tables with dividers to give people privacy. What’s interesting about this arrangement is that the first
Walking into the library, one discovers quickly why it’s called the Fine Arts Library: art overwhelms the lobby. One of the first pieces of art found in the library is a painting of Lucille Little herself
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