The Logic Behind Tougher Sentencing

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The logic behind tougher sentencing is the longer you lock up people, the more enhanced public safety is. This put offenders in prison for years to keep them re-offending incapacitating them. Tougher sentencing is not an effective way of reducing crime because it incriminates people who commit nonviolent crimes for long periods of times, gives inadequate care for inmates with a mental illness, and it gives inmates time to learn new and effective ways to commit crimes.
If the government become “tough” on non-violent crimes then prisons will become populous with inmates who do not deserve their sentencing. In one trial dated back in 1996, a man with a previous conviction of robbery was sentenced to life for a theft of a jacket worth …show more content…

For instance not all people may not even be in their right state of mind; mens rea, when committing a crime. Some people can be mentally ill that they have no control over their actions. There are approximately 356,000 inmates with serious mental illness in jails and state prisons(Torrey EF, Zdanowicz MT, Kennard AD, par. 1). Of that 356,000 only a small percentage actually receive help that they need. At least 83% of jail inmates with a mental illness did not have access to needed treatment(NAMI, 5). This staggering number yet only proves that tougher sentencing will create more criminals. When a mentally ill person does not receive the adequate help they deserve it will just make their actions repetitive because they are not learning right from wrong. Detaining them in jails or prisons creates an environment much like an asylum, which can lead to more serious issues. Locking away people for years who have a serious mental condition is completely inhumane. The better solution is to take them to a mental hospital to get them help they need, so they know how to control their actions. Some may say that it may allow others to follow suit and commit crimes because someone got off. There are many guidelines and laws you must follow as a citizen, whether you want to or not. Just because you see someone do something, does it gives you the right to do the same? However if there was 100% certainty of being apprehended for committing

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