The Logical Problem Of God

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Initially approaching this course in Christian Apologetics, I was under the impression that to adequately defend the Christian faith or offer pastoral advice to those who may be struggling I needed to acquire a depth of philosophical knowledge. While philosophy clarifies the complexities of doubt concerning faith we can, in addition to a general acquisition of great philosophical thinkers and sound biblical application, extend pastoral support and guidance. Such would be the approach I would utilize in a pastoral setting to the many women I encounter who struggle with questions of fertility in relation to their faith. Often these women express issues of doubt towards God and further voice their frustration with what theologians understand …show more content…

Tracy would later learn that she, like many women in her family, including her mother, had developed endometriosis. The diagnosis of endometriosis, a disorder involving the female reproductive system, is rather disheartening to a young woman as the main risk factor is an unlikelihood of giving birth. Tracy considers her teenage pregnancy to be a blessing because receiving this diagnosis limits the potential of giving birth again. Ten years after giving birth to her son, Tracy married her college sweetheart a practicing Obstetrician/ Gynecologist. Her new husband, who does not have any children, has been an instrumental influence in the building of Tracy’s faith. The strength of this couple’s faith has been tested as they world hard to conceive a child together. Tracy’s endometriosis has made it difficult for her to carry a child full term. In the span of their two-year marriage, Tracy and her husband have dealt with three first trimester miscarriages. Each miscarriage was more devastating than the last. By the third miscarriage, Tracy had lost hope. Tracy remembers vividly collapsing into her husband’s arms while weeping at the loss of another child. She began to harbor feelings of inadequacy as a woman and wife and felt as though she was being punished for past sins. In her moments of doubt, Tracy could not understand why God allowed her such agony. She felt she had grown

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