The Long Term Dispute Over Which Is Better, East Coast Vs. West Coast

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The long term dispute over which is better, east coast vs. west coast, will undoubtedly continue until this country no longer exists. While both coasts offer travelers and natives a variety of places to eat, things to do, and places to see, California, North Carolina, and South Carolina want to put their states on the map with their interesting history and ways of living. Due to so much variety on each coast, there is something on each side for everyone. More often than not, people picture California and the Carolinas to be polar opposites. This way of thinking comes from the idea that Hollywood, the city of dreams, consumes California entirely. Consequently, travelers must dig deep to find the hidden gems throughout each state. There will always be more than what meets the eye.
There are hundreds of military bases throughout the United States of America. California and the Carolinas contribute to that statistic. Home to almost 30 different bases, California boasts the most commonly known Marine Corps Air Station-Miramar, Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Recruit Depot-San Diego, and the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, home to the Navy SEALS. One of the very prevalent military communities within California is San Diego. There is an overwhelming sense of pride in the Armed Forces around every corner in what is a relatively large city. North and South Carolina are very familiar with that same sense of pride.
Marine Corps Recruit Depot- Parris Island, Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps

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