The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff 's Department is tasked with providing health care services to all incarcerated prisoners within a jail system which at present exceeds 18,500 inmates. Correctional Treatment Center (CTC) provides care and treatment for inmates requiring inpatient medical and or psychiatric care in this 196-bed rated medical unit located in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. The inmate population is in poor health, largely due to the lifestyle choices of the inmates which often include substance abuse, violence, and living on the streets of Los Angeles. They require the same basic medical care that all residents of Los Angeles County require, including routine illness to advanced medical issues …show more content…
However, most hospitals in low and middle-income countries have little experience with CQI methods. Hospital infection prevention is an ideal model for emerging efforts to improve the quality of hospital care because of its proven efficacy in reducing the occurrence of infections that compromise patient outcomes and increase costs (Huskins, C.; Soule, B.; O 'Boyle, C.; Gulacsi, L.; et al., 1998). The decision to install a high speed X-ray screening unit was prompted by the inefficiencies of the Mantoux tuberculin skin testing in detecting infectious TB; missed and delayed diagnosis of infectious TB resulted in prolonged inmate and staff exposure to detainees with active TB. Mantoux skin tests are supposed to be read from 48 to 72 hours after administration. Assuming ideal medical follow-up of a positive Mantoux skin test, a chest X-ray to rule out TB should be done 72 hours after administration of the skin test (Puisis, M.; Feinglass, J.; Lidow, E.; Mansour, M.,1996). Global control of tuberculosis is far from complete. There were 9.4 million estimated new cases of tuberculosis in 2008; multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis remains a severe threat; and HIV continues to fuel the epidemic. With 1.8 million estimated deaths every year, tuberculosis still take a huge toll, especially for the
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