The Los Angeles Intervention Approach

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The Los Angeles intervention approach produces positive and negative attributes to combating gang related criminality. Gangs in society today, are problematic in many aspects. There are many different avenues city officials can take to combat or reduce gang related crime. Various methodologies have been used to take on this problem and have had successful results (Spergel,1986). “The general idea is that if gang members will not respond to ordinary social agency programs, then the programs must move out to the streets in order to achieve change (Klein,1965, p3. 183).” Law enforcement takes on a tremendous role in reducing crime and ensuring public safety. Gang related crime is a prominent adversary for not only local communities, but our brave men and women. obviously they are having a tough time reducing gang’s jurisdiction as seen in Chicago and other large cities. One of the many problems they face is going into the gang’s battlefields where bullets are being fired and yet protect themselves also. As one of the interviewees in Scotts article said, it would take the police at least an hour to come to his neighborhood when firearms are being fired (Scott, 2004, p.119). Theoretically, it is impossible for law enforcement to stop individuals from committing gang-related crime if they are not nearby to see what is taking place. Intervention of gang violence can not be law enforcement alone. The Los Angeles city-sanctioned gang intervention workers initially produces

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